Owl City Fan Chats with Special Guests…

In honor of Mobile Orchestra, which features the talent of many artists such as: Britt Nicole, Hanson, Sarah Russell, and more – Adam is going to kick off a special series of Twitter Chats with each collaborator! Check back weekly for the time and date of each chat!

Tweet questions at #OWLCITYCHATS and Adam & his guest will be answering as many as possible, as well as asking each other a few! See the schedule below!

Next up is Hanson!

August 27: Britt Nicole – of “You’re Not Alone” (6pm ET)
August 31: Sarah Russell – of Thunderstruck – (12pm ET / 5pm GMT)
September 9: SEKAI NO OWARI – of “Tokyo” (9pm ET)
September 15: Hanson – of “Unbelievable” (8pm ET)


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